Worried about Layoffs

I am doing some power-worrying about my job and the job market in general. What if I get canned, and I can’t find anyone willing to hire me? What if I can’t get a nice, cozy, cushy cubicle job? I’ve been brainstorming this all day.

Mowing the lawns of foreclosed homes - Banks have in their possession all of these empty, foreclosed homes, and nobody is taking care of the grass. The banks get fined by cities and counties and so on - - if the lawns get too unruly. Maybe you could just call up a bank and ask them if they have any lawns they want mowed. Here in Florida, the grass grows pretty much all year I guess.

Substitute teaching - This might be cool. It doesn’t pay much. I don’t know how much work there is...every week there’s a new headline about budget cuts, it seems like.

Obama’s New Deal type stuff - Maybe these public works projects they keep talking about will be for real. They’re going to fix up schools, right? Are they going to hire more teachers? That’d be good. Maybe I’ll end up working on some public works construction project...road crew or something like that. Some of the Obama New Deal stuff is supposed to be green, right? It would be pretty sweet to learn how to wire up a field of solar panels. I took some computer aided drafting classes a few years ago - I wonder if I could get in somewhere in a drafting job.

Unemployment benefits - I’m not sure I’ll get to go out like that, I would hope so. I’ve heard it’s only about half what you make. I guess I could go indefinitely on that. It’d be tough to find new work and keep your gas costs and cell phone costs down - while you’re rolling in half the usual amount of dough. And there would be the temptation to do lots and lots of daytime drinking. Bad bad bad.

Move back to DC - Even after the dotcom bust and 9/11, DC was adding jobs. DC was doing better than other cities. I bet there are a lot of jobs opening up right now in DC.

I guess I could last a few months with no income at all - maybe six months. I can’t imagine going any longer than that. Maybe I should imagine harder.

Maybe little economies will develop in our communities. Barter and so on. What service could I offer?

Flea Market - Maybe I could find great stuff at yard sales that I can mark upand sell. I could rent a table at a flea market. There will be a lot of flea market shopping for the holidays this year, I’ll bet. Maybe I could go in on a little baking thing with Keri. Sell some baked goods at the flea market. Maybe I could make T-shirts with crazy/funny/morbid/goofy writings and drawings on them.

I still have my warehouse idea - I could rent a warehouse (cheaper than you might think) and I could move into that beast, and I could charge people to store their junk there. I would want to do this near a college campus or a military base where there’s a lot of transience and shuffling along, residence to residence. Maybe I could open a small retail storefront on the warehouse and ship packages and send faxes and sell all kinds of random crap - resell cell phones, calling cards - all that stuff - anything - whatever.

Maybe there will be some new need for paid writers...who will get paid to write news. This is the wrong time to live in a news blackout. Shoot, has anybody considered bailing out the newspapers? Newspapers would seem pretty important in a time of crisis. Maybe the nonprofit model of journalism will hold some opportunity for a writer wannabe like me.

OR HERE’S ONE: What’s to stop a person from writing a local news blog and selling a few ads? Selling the ads, I guess, is the problem. You call up some local auto repair shop and tell them you have started a blog to cover local news and that you would like them to purchase an ad and suddenly you hear a click and the dial tone starts back up.


Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Well... if you moved to DC, we could hang out since Doug and I live in Baltimore. :)

laura b. said...

Dude, you could live for six months without income? I'm jealous!
You sound like a resourceful guy...your ideas are good, but here's betting you don't have to use even one :-)

Pacian said...

I'm a lot more employable than I was a year a go, especially for low-level office IT stuff that would probably drive me nuts but might suffice to pay the bills.

Which I guess is a way of saying that everyone's thinking about that sort of thing now. :-P

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Those are very resourceful ideas.. I also think that you have some ideas there that could be utilized.. whether it's you that does it or some one else..

lluviation said...

hello! congrats on getting married! and sorry i disappeared, i miss reading these, but school sucked the life out of me..not really, i spend most of my time worrying about the amount of work i need to do...rather than doing it.

but on your whole job thing, i read (and agree) that the best thing to do is go to grad school. there is still loan money in it, so you live off of that. you ride out the yucky economy while you are in school. and then when you are out, the economy should be doing better and you will have increased education, thus making you a more desirable candidate for work.
the article is here:

NoRegrets said...

Um, not sure about the warehouse idea. I'd be afraid you'd use my dresser for a toilet.

If you are resourceful , you'd get by. Hopefully.

I must say, I say move back to DC. Forida?

foam said...

here's not to having to use any of them!!!
but you know ..
i've been wondering the same things you have ..
btw. ...
i did finally read the whole post below a day or two ago ..

Sarsparilla said...

Hey Bobby, long time no read.

Off the wall suggestion: you could go work for third world wages for a few months in Peru.

Email me if ever you feel the need to eat guinea pig for a few months.

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