I'm the slackest blogger ever!

I go through phases with my blog. Slow phases. Slower phases. Complete inactivity.

Lately I'm posting mainly to Twitter. I recommend it! It's so fun. And informative. (It's great for news junkies. News outlets have started Twitter accounts that you can follow: BBC, Google News, News Hour, ProPublica)

Users only get 140 characters to get the thought across, but you get interesting glimpses into people's routines and ways of living and thinking and so on - you really get to know people. Over the course of the day, they might post one, two, three, four . . . twenty...thirty messages to Twitter. Through the accumulation of these on-the-spot updates, you really get to know people.

Try it! Just get in there. Start an account and check it out . . . you can see what everybody's saying in the main Twitter window, the Public Timeline. Just get in there and start posting and following people, and they'll follow you.

And you can hook it all up into your cell phone. You don't need internet browsing on your phone - you can do it with text messages, receive and send. (I'd recommend an unlimited text message plan.)

And you can post code on your blog so that your Twitter messages show up on your blog - like mine do off to the right there.

My Twitter name and link is BobbyBobbyBobby. Hook up with me, and I'll hook up with you! Ask me anything about it in comments here, and I'll hip you to it.


laura b. said...

I signed up for Twitter a while back, but haven't really been participating. Maybe I will give it a try...I wanna be your follower. haha!

Celticspirit said...

Looks interesting. I'm gonna check it out.

whimsical brainpan said...

I think everyone slacks off on their blog now and then.

I don't own a cell phone (and hope I never do) so I suppose Twitter would be a bit pointless for me. :-) It does sound interesting though.

Happy New Year!

foam said...

the last thing i probably need to do is to twitter away ...
lol ..
and i'm really very boring ..

but, you know ..

one of these days you'll feel like writing more .. and this blog of yours will be here ..
as will i..

Billy said...

yea man twitter is neat. i have even chilled on facebook now. just twitter.

Pamela said...

I just can't... I only just now joined facebook, and am using that like twitter and likely driving people nuts.

Pacian said...

No way! I waste enough time on the Internet as it is.

Bobby said...


Anonymous said...

No twitter no face book no chatting
Just some few lines of blogging now and then, enough is enough.
At least so it feels for me just now.

Rurality said...

I have considered it... I probably need a new way to bore people.

I'll tell you a secret. I think yours is the only non-boring twittering I've ever seen. Seriously.