What kind of business would you open in a little place like this?

A little insurance office? A travel agency? A cell phone reseller?

Could you just sell advice? Do you have any advice you could sell?

What if you just bought this little place, and opened it up, and just waited for people to come in...and then just wait for them to start talking... "What is this place? What are you selling here? What service are you providing?"

"I am not providing any service," I'd say. "I am simply open... not necessarily for business you understand. Just open. I am open twenty-four, seven."

I'm glad the class is over. I learned a lot, but it was murdah. I'd come home from work (which is busy as hell - well over three hundred emails waitin for me and various other items), then I'd jump right into class stuff...until midnight or beyond sometimes. Rough. But I learned a lot - I was reminded of a lot of fundamental stuff that I've really let go. Important stuff.

Today is wide open. I'm going to enjoy doing nothing, roaming...eyes open and receptive...head empty and receptive.

The stress of that class really made some other stressors - usually minor stressors - made them really spikey and hurty to me lately. For sugar. I'm realizing it. Last night and this morning have been a real decompression.

I'm making other discoveries and realizations too. I'm trying to look at the things that bug me - and look at them as mirrors. Is that something I do too? I have no room to talk? Do I do something similar to that? Should I just shut up and deal with it? I'm also weighing and comparing these heavy weights that are weighing on me - comparing them...sorting the small stuff from the big stuff.

I'm learning...still learning.


When I was 19, I was working as a busboy in a pretty fancy restaurant in Portsmouth, Virginia, where I'm from, and I met this guy who I thought was the coolest guy I'd ever met. He was afraid of the dark, and it was so funny. He came running out of a dark storage room one time, and I said, "What's wrong man? What's back there?" And he said, "Nothin, I'm just afraid of the dark." For some reason, I thought that was the coolest thing I'd ever heard in my life. And he had cool clothes and cool hair, and he always said cool stuff.

He was a waiter at the restaurant. The waiters and waitresses are supposed to share a percentage of their tips with he busboys for the services rendered, you know, and he used to tip me out the best out of the whole wait staff. That also added to his coolness factor with me.

He told me about how he played varsity basketball, and his team was the most terrible team ever because they took barbiturates and all kinds of other pills and drugs of all kinds, and they showed up for their games completely wasted and flopped around on the floor and got beaten every time like three hundred to zero.

Anyway, one day I asked him what kind of music he liked, and he said he liked Wire and Television. Wire? Television? I'd never heard of these bands. So right away I checked them out. Here is a video by Television and one by Wire.


I am so freakin busy. Two and a half more weeks of this class. It's fun, but I'll be kind of relieved when it's over. And I'll have some spankin new ideas.