I snapped these right next to the 417, which will be the eastern section of Orlando's beltway. The western section of Orlando's beltway will be completed once FDOT and lobbyists and lawyers and politicians can work out all of the proper bribes necessary to acquire the land needed. I was on my way to the college bookstore to pick up my order when I saw this. The flooding from tropical storm Fay really pushed the water levels up here, right near the St. Johns River and Lake Jessup, which is where they release a lot of the wayward alligators that wander into people's yards and into grade school auditoriums and so on.

Campus - I've only been on campus five times, though I have already completed a I'm doing another course online. Whenever I go on campus, as I've said several times before, I get self conscious about my age and shit.

So many conversations were going on around me in the crowded bookstore as we all waited in line to pick up our books. I wanted to just get everybody's attention - all the young students, the eighteen-year-old freshmen - I wanted to announce to all of them: Go ahead and get your degrees and don't worry. There will be a place for you in the workforce...not doing whatever it is you're studying...but there is a cubicle waiting with plenty of meaningless, tedious work. Have your fun now. Some of you, of course, who really have your shit together, you will get a job in whatever it is you're studying. Some of you will get doctorets and end up waiting tables. Some of you will barely get through your leisure studies courses and become CEO's. You'll end up where you end up, in short. The stuff you're doing now might not mean much later on. It might and it might not.


37-Year-Old Blogger Asks (again): What now?

... but he may or may not want an answer to that question...

Every day I ask this, What now? ...not seeking an answer, but instead seeking a way of thinking. I think.

Everything I'm reading lately says to start looking for the real me... look beyond the suspicions and expectations and emotional tint and other insubstantials and get a good look at the real me...quit complaining and try to be kind and play the cards that are dealt and see obstacles as inevitable parts of the path - not booby traps set specifically for me by people who really are not enemies, just fellow humans I bump into.

I’m doing pretty good lately, I guess you could say. I’m reading great books. I feel like I’m making progress in various ways, and slipping only in a few categories. I wish I was in more frequent contact with my family, that’s one category I’m slipping in. Everybody’s busy and broke though, including me. This is another category where I’m slipping, I guess...or neither slipping nor advancing, which in True Economics, means slipping. But I applied for a better paying position in the same organization, so that’s good. It at least feels like I’m working toward something there...just in case some day I realize that work and personal finance are important.

But if I do get this new job, there will be little time for daydreaming. That will throw me out of balance. Daydreaming is an important element of me, and I don’t think it’s a sin.