I'm the slackest blogger ever!

I go through phases with my blog. Slow phases. Slower phases. Complete inactivity.

Lately I'm posting mainly to Twitter. I recommend it! It's so fun. And informative. (It's great for news junkies. News outlets have started Twitter accounts that you can follow: BBC, Google News, News Hour, ProPublica)

Users only get 140 characters to get the thought across, but you get interesting glimpses into people's routines and ways of living and thinking and so on - you really get to know people. Over the course of the day, they might post one, two, three, four . . . twenty...thirty messages to Twitter. Through the accumulation of these on-the-spot updates, you really get to know people.

Try it! Just get in there. Start an account and check it out . . . you can see what everybody's saying in the main Twitter window, the Public Timeline. Just get in there and start posting and following people, and they'll follow you.

And you can hook it all up into your cell phone. You don't need internet browsing on your phone - you can do it with text messages, receive and send. (I'd recommend an unlimited text message plan.)

And you can post code on your blog so that your Twitter messages show up on your blog - like mine do off to the right there.

My Twitter name and link is BobbyBobbyBobby. Hook up with me, and I'll hook up with you! Ask me anything about it in comments here, and I'll hip you to it.


Foggy Lately

I wanted to post some pictures of this crazy fog we've had lately.

I wrote a longer entry here before, but I decided to truncate it to the following:


[...sorry to change this entry on ya's...but: I read this entry again...and you didn't work out...and sometimes I just can't leave an entry be...]


That Thing That Thing That Thi-i-i-ing

I was driving to the YMCA, and I turned on my local Hip Hop station to get psyched up, and they were running this segment called Throw Backs. It's where they play an old song, quote unquote, old...older. From '98, they played Lauryn Hill's Doo Wop (That Thing). And you know what? I was thrown back. I heard this song a lot in those days. I heard it on the dance floor...yeah - the dance floor, I actually was on the dance floor...or on the edge of it...but sometimes I'd get on the dance if I'd had enough to drink and it was crowded enough and somebody grabbed me by the hand and dragged me. I'd go out there. But I remember hearing it this one time, I was walking into the 7-11 to buy a twelve-pack - this guy was coming out of the 7-11 with a twelve-pack - and he was singing it. He was singing it well. And he was smiling REAL BIG. And he had it right. That song was in the air everywhere, you understand. And it was Friday evening, you know, The Big Quitting Time. And I just remember how terrific and awesome that night was...a great song on the my twelve-pack...was going to be meetin up with people later... You know what? I HOPE THAT GUY WON THE LOTTERY. Here's why: Because life is a party. Life is a workout. Life is a lottery ticket. And you do have to watch out. But you can still have some fun too though see.

Doo Wop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill


In a Funk Yesterday

Yesterday I didn’t have to work, so I went to two book stores and two libraries. As I poked around the county slowly, I got beeped at and scowled at too...and I started to wonder whether all of my human interactions from this day forward would be negative or devoid of value. Generally, strangers feel no need to be nice to you. If the majority of your human contact is with strangers (or coworkers), you’re just not getting the best out of humanity.

I need more positive interactions. I need more friends! The amount of friends that I have (on average) has steadily declined since college. Friends are obligated to be nice to you. Even when they’re giving you shit - what they’re doing - is being nice to you. Yes: Punch me in the stomach. Yes: Throw a slinky into the fan belt of my car.

Yep, I was in a pretty bad funk yesterday. But really, it’s been all week. Maybe a factor in this funk is that holiday depression you hear so much about - which will be especially acute this year because I’m not headed home.


Home is here now...I guess. The place I used to call home is just a place where a few family members live. The rest of the family has scattered to other states. Maybe the depressing thing is that I don’t have a concrete definition of home.

Oh well. I guess I should just keep a few things in mind:

1. Do I want to spend all of my hours and minutes and days in a bad mood? No.
Should I just let go of the bad stuff? Yes.
2. Are the holidays supposed to be like the ones you see in TV commercials? Maybe. But probably not.
3. Can I treat everybody with compassion? Even the ones who act like jerkoffs? Yes. Maybe. It’s hard. Maybe I can.
4. Maybe being compassionate sometimes means walking by without saying a thing - sometimes strangers don’t want to be dragged out of their shells.


Can't Keep Up - With Anything

I can’t keep up with my bloggin! ...moreover, LIFE is both crushing down on me and sucking my guts out at the same time...I’ll soon squash like an empty beer can. ...or so it seems.

I don’t know: I get up at 5:15, I get to work by 7:00, and I do not blog from work because I got the fear... I get home at about 5:20 or so. ...and then I go to the YMCA maybe (3,4 or 5 times per week - which is not hardcore, I know) I get home and get showered up - what - 7:00 or 7:30? I eat some slop and sit on the couch with Newshour hyperanalytical and somnolent in the background, and I’m dozing. I might do some offline reading, some chattin with the wife...before I know it, I am knocked out.