Dear Everybody IN THE WHOLE WORLD:

Calm down. It's going to be okay. Really. You know: not much has changed for humanity in the last two hundred thousand years - if you look at life in a certain way. We're born. We die. See? We been doing that for years. In between birth and death we have these tribulations, these conflicts. Some people live for the conflicts - and that's just messed up. Ya might not realize that the conflict is dumb. You might not realize that you're trapped in a conflict. Just walk away from it. Walk to nice shady place and have a seat. Bring your attention to your breathing. Meditate. After everybody is calm, then come back out and get engaged in life. Do your thing! "What's my thing Bobby?" you might have to figure that out...but don't fret. Just give it lots of thought. Try different things, trial and error, until you find YOUR THING. Maybe YOUR THING is to go around trying Different Things, here and there, now and then - but you never really settle for Any One Thing. I think this is MY THING. Here's something worth mentioning: Try to pick A Thing that doesn't encroach on Somebody Else's Thing. And usually there are very very clear indicators when this happens. It's a Common Sense Thing. The Common Sense Thing - everybody has to do that one.

Best regards,



ctale said...

You're the best. I Love "motivational speaker bobby"!

laura b. said...

I feel calmer already :-) Thanks Bobby.

TaraDharma said...

Dear Bobby,
I HEAR ya! Sage advise.

Now I'm hearing, "It's your what you wanna do...." Good beat, too. Remember that song?