The Most Exciting Thing In My Life Currently... pickup soccer, adult soccer, easily. It's all I can think about. As I'm walking between cubicles at work, to and from the bathroom or the breakroom or the mailroom, all I can think about is the a ball at my feet and the ways in which I would maneuver the ball through these narrow pathways and how at some point I will have the goal in sight (the opening to somebody's cubicle, perhaps) and at that point I will shoot the ball, kick it as hard as I can at that opening.

Nobody's going pro out there, as I've said, there's really no need to take it very seriously - - but it's hard not to take it very very seriously when you're out there.

But surely there must be something more worthwhile to think about.

Umm. Nope.

Just pickup soccer. That's all I can think about at the moment. It is sooooo exciting. Lately I'm trying to really create openings for my team mates: I'll take the ball in a crazy zig zag pattern all the way down the field - try to attract a lotta attention and coverage - - and then somebody on my team will be left wide open - - and I try to zip it through to them right quick. OR, if I find myself in front of that goal - with the ball - and I'm in range - I just hammer that ball. I shoulda gotten ten goals last time, but my aim and luck were a little off, I got one goal. Next time, my friend, next time. And the next time is TONIGHT.


laura b. said...

Well, as you surely realize, there are MUCH worse things to obsess about. Soccer seems like a nice healthy obsession to indulge in.

Have a great game!

Celticspirit said...

How did your game go?

foam said...

is this online soccer?
anyway, playing a game whether it's on the field or online is not the worse thing you can do ..

Bobby said...

The game was fun! There were some young and older players out this time - so it was more for fun than to...grind anybody into the pavement - - ha! Although, one of those young guys just about ground me into the pavement.

They have online soccer? I must know where and when!