Why would you put all your 'real life shit' out there on the internet?

Nobody's ever asked me this to my face, but I could see somebody asking it. These stories on this blog are stories I would tell anybody if I got to know them for just like...five minutes or so, you know, so what's the big deal?

I've had certain... *material* ...on this blog that made me cringe when I read it later...years later...hours later. I've removed stuff.

Sometimes I wonder who all knows about this blog - like in my real world. I wonder how many people in my physical world are actually doing freaky stuff on the know what I mean? I guess I can take some comfort (and so can you) in knowing that this is as freaky as it gets for me on the internet. Read all you like, it's good stuff for bringing about drowsiness when you're trying to go to sleep.

I've tried a bunch of times in different ways to explain why I think blogging is important, and the following comes to mind: If you share your story, maybe somebody else can learn from the mistakes that you made. I'm going to rename this blog: The Mistake Log of Bobby from Portsmouth