The blog needs words to grow. Summary: I am working so hard! I just feel that I have to, currently - - I must work as hard as I can, I must not fool around. This leaves me pretty tired at the end of the day. My shoulder (which I recently separated playing soccer (I was in the air (don’t ask), and I came down right on the shoulder)) hurts. At different times, in different places, it hurts. At one point it might feel like somebody is working on it with pliers - attempting to remove or twist a bone. At another time, it might feel like I am out in the sun with somebody standing behind me with a magnifying glass focusing a burning beam on my back. Or sometimes the other shoulder hurts - or my neck. Sometimes I’ll do ‘something wrong’ and it will shoot tingles down my arm, and it feels like a rubberband snapping in the crook of my arm. It’s such an interesting injury. The bone across the top of my shoulder sticks up higher than it should, and it’s noticeable to people. What else hmm: I bought (financed) a 2006 Toyota Corolla. It’s silver...or gray. It has a stick shift which is perfect because it never really gives my injured shoulder a chance to rest as I make my long commute between home and work (didn’t plan that one). What else: The accounting class I was going to take: I ain't. It ain't me I guess. What is me? What is me? What is me? What is me?

And this song.