What's going on: That damn car that I just bought died on me last week. It was the car computer. It was covered under the warranty. I thought Toyotas were supposed to be super great though!?!? The dealership was so rude and horrible to me. WHAT ELSE WHAT ELSE: My shoulder, when it's not hurting, it feels weird - like I'm wearing an ill-fitting shirt that is binding and wrinkling and creased against my shoulder. Weird. Weird shifting of bones and muscles: twang, clunk. It's not hurting too much though. Still a visible protrusion of bone looking slightly freakish up there. The doc said they get just as good an outcome from letting it heal on its own as they do from cutting you open, sawing off the end of the bone, and reattaching the muscle -so yeah- gonna go with the less frightful option there. And then there's...what: WORKING SO HARD. Afraid not to. It's LIKE that. And hmm: Having some bad arguments with the wife. We're working through it, and I hope there's not much fight left. With all of these things going on (none of which is as bad as Baghdad), with this steady stream of low grade tribulations, I've forgotten to remember my 'mind-right/mentals-right/dharma reading/dharma practicing- but you know what? The progress I made is still there. I'm hoping to know it and live it like it's not a set of instructions you memorize, it's a way of being that you exalt yourself to. Or you try to. You try to balance yourself up there.