Here are the symptoms: 1) Dizziness 2) Frequent periods of extremely hard work 3) Less frequent periods of absolute inactivity and stillness 4) Recent dependence on the 70s TV show detective Jim Rockford for guidance and wisdom, via Netflix streaming I.V. 5) Midweek depression/angst 6) Obsessive musical explorations, settling in for ambient sounds when highly technical activity is required 7) Confusion over what I like, what I don’t like, and what I should like 8) Over-eating/ under-eating 9) lack of consideration for others 10) poorly connected and/or attuned to other human beings 11)hypercritical (and hypocritical) attitude toward unfunny this and that small talk/goofball antics 12) Blog failure 13) Living in the future 14) Cringing/twitching over past events 15) fear of how fast life is changing 16) dread of the ruts I get caught in—or situations that I interpret as ruts 17) forgetting important lessons 18) lapses in concentration 19) taking the wrong things seriously 20) failed meditations 21) failure to recognize the possibility that maybe there’s no such thing as a failed meditation 22) confusion over my true role or relationship to people ‘out there’ 23) connectivity issues 24) blog neglect 25) Twitter favoritism 26) Twitter frustration 27) Twitter disappointment 28) Twitter misunderstanding 29) weird expressions, facial, vocal, written 30) vulnerability to negative moods 31) insomnia 32) grinding of the teeth 33) loneliness 34) general flooding of thought 35) aches, pains 36) blurry vision after strenuous eyeballs exertion 37) allowing wisdom to come in one hole and go out the other 38) neglect of exercise 39) gesture failure 40) bad skin 41) stunted growth 42) frequent inability to distinguish between sounds heard in earbuds and sounds heard outside of earbuds 43) lack of confidence 44) failure to appreciate the right now 45) lack of time 46) fear of my ‘duties’ 47) complaining 48) inability to ‘engage’ 49) lack of resources 50) bad posture