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I am supposed to be studying, but I can't concentrate. I'm feeling a feeling - excited, agitated, exuberant, scared, anxious anxiety - over moving from my current home to my new home. My new home will be much different. I am very used to my current home (pictured above, somewhere), been here 4 years.

Without getting into the wannabe sociologist thing, I'll say this about the differences between my current home and my new home:

Current home: rural, wide open spaces, 56:43 McCain over Obama, lots of pickup trucks, lots of cows, one Starbucks (5 miles away in a Target dept store), the inevitable internal combustion engine- V8 or Harley powerplant being the only occasional sound howling at the night other than strange unidentified animals and a whole lotta nothing nada, crickets...considered part of Greater Orlando You're either on speakin terms with your neighbors or you're not, basically, it seems...and there may or may not be a reason neither...other than the fact that they drive an F-150 and you (me) drives a Toyota Corolla.

New home: more metro, more dense, 51:48 McCain over Obama (but still...), no cows, 7 Starbucks within 5 miles, TONS OF TRAFFIC, tons of retail, tons of residential, diverse age-wise and otherwise, also considered part of Greater Orlando Lots of Toyota Corollas puttin around!!

Waaaay different. But in a way, not. I will like my new home muuuuuch better, obviously. But even if I was moving to a perfect place I would have this scared, chills, anxiety, distracted feeling. It's the move that's freaking me out, I think. I requested 4 days off from work to get this done. (I worried that I asked for too many days...). More planning than freakin D-Day maaaan. I already know where I'll drink once I move there and how long it'll take to walk home.

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