In my continued efforts to get myself calm and peaceful, I have devised the following strategy for total relaxation which I will rush into implementation today. At certain random points throughout the day, with no announcement or warning to anyone, I will completely freeze. I will not move at all, I won't talk. I will not even blink. My eyes will remained fixed on that last thing they were fixed on before the freeze. I will remain in this statue-like state for five minutes or so. It will not matter what task or setting is at hand. It will not matter who is around. This strategy I have devised and the motivation for it are too important to worry about peripherals. On the first day, I will go into these sudden states of freeze approximately 40 times. I will then assess the situation and determine the frequency of my freezes in future days.


Sarsparilla said...

Ha. I like the plan. Today I tried, "I will not answer any more questions until I'm allowed to eat a sandwich", but I think your plan is better.

Anonymous said...

Good post.. Especially given that it is a 3:25 am post.