1. I'm not sleeping enough.

2. I don't mind not sleeping, it makes me tingle.

3. New paths and projects are opening up!

4. Mondays and Tuesdays are rough, but the rest of the week is grand.

5. My fire ant bites are in the itchy phase.

6. It was very humid when I walked out today, I gasped.

7. I love people! (I was wonderin for a while there).

8. I'm letting other people do more of the talkin.

9. I'm waiting for a friend to get here. There's a life changing movie I have to see.

10. I gotta get back to work learning some tech. The spring semester ended a while ago.

11. I will once again post this quote: To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders. --Lao Tzu

12. I can't believe it, but sometimes my mind does get pretty still.

13. Somebody's knocking.


laura b. said...

So you've decided to continue on the tech route?
I'm glad you still love people and that you can sometimes still your mind. I'm working on those things.
Getting your life changed by a movie? Tell us how that goes!

Bobby said...

The Workshop (2007)

it is...ahem...not safe for work

laura b. said...

Oh my goodness. I can't deny that looks interesting...

Bobby said...

Actually, it was not as 'moving' as I thought it was: a buncha naked dummies runnin around thinkin they've awakened...maybe they have somewhat, I don't know