Armadillos This Time

I was outside talking with Mike, Helen and Tim last night, talking about everything. We were standing off the sidewalk, between cars. Talking talking talking, and then, Helen saw something moving, twenty - thirty yards away. She thought it was a couple of ducks. Whatever, we didn't think much more of it. Then, as we're standing there between cars, two armadillos ran out from under one car on one side of us, and they ducked under the car on the other side of us, ran by us two feet away. We're were like...What the hell was that?!

I don't know if I've ever seen a live armadillo walking around like that...sadly, I usually see them belly up next to the road with those big turkey buzzards or whatever yankin their guts out feasting out. You see, armadillos are not very good at crossing streets. Moreover, Florida drivers - a cruel lot - are not very sympathetic to the armadillos' lack of skill at crossing roads. In fact, they're not very sympathetic to armadillos, like, in general. Mean.


Got no plans for the big holiday weekend, Stan. Avoiding the crowds. Avoiding the wrath of the great glowing orb in the sky that'd like to scorch my skins. It'd be nice to find some Irish music somewhere...a friggin guitar man or a guitar WOman...sit outside (with bug stuff applied to my skins) and a couple beers...maybe somewhere. Continue my experience as a human among humans.

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Pernicious said...

Good to see youbarecstilling writing!