Bears. And an Alligator

It's always an adventure when my sister comes to town, a fun adventure. We went to three beaches, we went to a Celtic music festival, we saw bears and alligators.

It's always a party when the bears show up. I should have shot footage of the people who were gawking at the bears, instead of the bears, the people were even more tripped out and trippy than the bears.

Last night we saw one bear, a smaller bear, by the dumpster...we were watching it...and we saw a lady approaching the area with her dog. We tried to wave her off and warn her - - and next thing you know, an even bigger bear came up out of the woods behind her...not chasing her, but walking behind her toward the dumpster for some chow...the lady scooped up her dog and hid between some lumber stacks nearby. I yelled to her that there were two bears...the lady was confused and scared shitless. I walked up about twenty yards away from where she was hiding- because I knew exactly where both bears were and pretty much could tell which direction the bears were going to take off in if things got too tense - and I told the lady to come this way come this way - toward me...away from the bears' escape route into the woods. So she came out of her hiding spot and joined our little band of gawkers (my sister, her husband, me and some other lady. The scared lady with the little dog cussed up a storm and walked off, truly pissed about there being bears all over the place. She was out today too though, getting her gawk on with her daughter and the little dog, when I took these videos. I pet her dog and talked to her and her daughter a little, along with my sister and her husband and five other people...standing around there. There were probably about twenty or thirty people off and on checking it out, arriving, leaving, tripping out about the bears and getting social in this weird, goofy and/or dangerous situation.

There were lots of people out photographing and shooting video...and I felt a little exploitive and whatever but I couldn't peel myself away. Something told me to not be out there but I didn't listen to it. I just like looking at the bears...and I always make sure I have a way to get out of the way and not get in the bears' way.

There was another lady who lives in a first floor unit near me - we stood there talking while one of the bears was feasting right outside her screened in patio. She was kind of freaked out that the bears cut through right near her patio with that flimsy screen...We talked and talked and talked.

She was also weirded out by some of the people who live in our complex...I told her it's quiet and I've had no troubles and blah blah. She told me some dude who walks around with no shirt on and all ...the guy been bangin on her door trying to insert himself in her bees wax or whatever and so on...a guy with a crazy story: pain killer taker ex-cop turned muscle hippie who speed-walks around with no shirt on and joggin shorts with no underwears underneath yuck so that know...kind of know - around in there yuck puke...not that I or you or anybody wanted to hear about that shit and/or least of all see it...

This is nothing but a rambling post I threw together because I wanted to post videos I took of bears and I wanted to give some back-story, but I'm also really tired.

And here's a video of a little alligator I saw earlier in the day.

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Sally Newhouse said...

Alligators and bears? And I thought New York City was a jungle.