Evil Spirits or Something

At first I thought somebody was smoking dope. I was standing in this little spiritual bookstore that I go to sometimes, just browsing. I smelled smoke - some kind of twangy smoke - while I was standing at a bookshelf. I looked over, and the store clerk was walking around with a bundle of smoldering sage. She was going around the store, waving this big, honkin doobie-looking bundle of burning sage - waving it all around and jamming it into corners, reaching on tip-toes - making sure she didn't miss any spots.

Then a guy came out, I think he's one of the owners. He asked her what the hell she was doing. She said that a customer had called the store and said that something 'bad' or 'evil' had followed her home and gotten into her home. She could feel it, the customer. The customer said she was pretty sure that this evil presence or following or whatever - she was pretty sure that it followed her home from the bookstore. So the store clerk was smoking it out with burning sage.

I was going to offer some commentary, but a bunch of weird shit just happened around my apartment, no shit. Ants. I mean, I knew there was a slight ant problem here...but... The timing. And an ant just crawled out on my screen.

I had this one donut in a donut box on the counter that I was looking forward to eating. I just took a break from typing this goofy post to go get that donut, and there were ten zillion ants all over it. Fuck! Evil.


Celticspirit said...

I have to admit o have burned sage. It is called smudging. It gets rid of negativity.

Bobby said...

They burn sage at the drum circles sometimes. Somebody will light up a bundle of it and walk around waving it around the people. I like it when they wave it around me...