Near misses with disaster, other people's disasters, implied disasters and a lens that is stuck focused on stupid stuff, a head jammed in a stupid-head mode, a severe perceived time deficit -these are just a few of my least favorite things lately - - but all these things serve as a reminders that brains is like a garden, constantly in need of care...or like an automobile needing maintenance now and then. My Maintenance Required light is on, but it ain't serious.

I have to check in on my mind every now and then. I have to check and see how it's doing. Is it rattling around inside its four walls rambling and fuming? Is it creating a bunch of goofy shit? Is it giving energy to a bunch of ghost trouble? Or is it seated nice and calm on a cushion, empty of all negative crap, connected to the world by not trying to exist separately?

So I'm slowing down today to check in on my mind...listening to slow music...watching the right videos and enjoying cool temperatures and breezes resulting from a nearby hurricane that won't hit here.

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