35 More Years I Guess

The life expectancy for an American male is about 76 years now. So I have another 35 years if things go according to averages. In order to get some perspective, for a good comparison, I tried to think back 35 years - to get a feel for this amount of time. Just for fun. Because I have the day off and I have time today to do this.

Really though I should probably face the fact that I could die any time before or after the 'another-35-year-mark' ...and live my life accordingly...live my life like 'each day is the last' (blah, corny wishy washy horse shit which is true actually, - - 'every day is a gift,' he whimpered, an angelic chorus rising behind him)...sniff...So. ALIVE AND LIVING: not necessarily taking a 23-mile supersonic skydive -but- I should live each day in some kind of a great way...

Anyway: 35 years ago: I actually looked up the the year -- on wikipedia: 1977 ...I don't really remember much from then. And this is good. This should mean that 35 years into the future should seem like a pretty distant conclusion (if that's how it works out) - - because 35 years into the past is barely recollectable.

1977: The only items that I remember from this wikipedia entry:

I remember there being some new weird machine called a Commodore and another called an Apple.
I remember that Jimmy Carter succeeded Gerald Ford as President.
I remember Roots.
I remember there being a new cool spaceship I mean space shuttle.
I remember somebody saying Uranus had rings like Saturn.
I remember my dad watching Luciano Pavarotti on PBS I think.
I remember the Clash blowing up.
Star Wars.
Elvis died.
Members of Lynard Skynard died.

I don't remember much out of that year. I guess 35 years into the future is a 'good amount of time' to have left.

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