Driving NORTH soon

Tomorrow or the next day or in some blurry time area between the two, I will make the trek up the mighty I-95 River to North Carolina to see my sister and her branch of family. On my drive, I will see some of the same people from some of the same cars and trucks as we pass each other over and over and see each other at the rest stops. I will find each NPR affiliate in each listening area with ease. I will probably catch some of the wild southern radio preachers for a few minutes at a time when the drive gets anxious or dull. It's an eight or nine hour drive, but I have to stop a lot or my back will be hurting. It will be great to see everybody. I will re-think my current situation in Florida no doubt, and entertain all kinds of ideas about everything. I'll drink lots of coffee for sure. I'll eat a lot.

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joe said...

load up some podcasts man.