Going shorter and shorter on the haircuts. Will soon be anonymous and bald. Two birthdays I will not be observing this month, and I hate to do my calendar like that, but letting go is letting go. Hurts, but opens up the world to something bigger. I guess. Or. Things rot. Anyways: Music to the rescue today. I was in a hick-ass music store(forgive me), and I found a super terrific find, but I let my friend be the one who claimed it. I'll just listen to it when I hang with him. He likes em more than I do anyway, but I was really really liking this video I saw by them this afternoon on youtube (below). Also, music came to my rescue when I made a sudden turn off on the Kaley Ave exit to hit up Orlando Brewing, where some great and awesome Irish Music was being fiddled and picked. Every second Sunday like that. The music was sooo great, and I horsed around with anonymous other random drunks and knuckleheads who I sometimes see here and there and sort of recognize more and more the more I circulate.

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