A few people have asked what my job is like lately, and I told them: The biggest adjustment to my job was this: Before, when I didn't know how to do something, it was a temporary pain in the ass. I usually knew exactly how to do everything and there was the work- just do it. Now, that state where I don't know how to do anything: that's my every day all day. Each day I have to do something new. It's never boring, but the unknowns can make ya anxious. Anyway, who cares.

I'm off til the 1/9/2013. I've had my decompression period already. Gonna chill out and roam. Gonna drive to Virginia New Years Day if I'm not too hungover. Gonna try not to be too hungover, but there is a party to be at.

I'm going to resolve to get out of this cave more this year. Just out. All kinds of places to go, events to attend. Feeling purdy gooood.

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