Endless Stories

With some TV shows, you start to wonder: just how is it that the character gets into so much trouble - just by chance. Weekly. Oh no, the main character got hit by a car this week. By chance. Oh no, the main character ran into a multinational smuggling ring of thugs unloading dope in the alley behind his house this week. By chance. Oh no, the main character got mugged. By chance. I know that the writers have to do this to keep the TV show going, to have weekly story lines -- and you have to suspend some disbelief in order for the TV watchin experience to work out. But. Come on.

But: Stuff like my spin-out last night (described in the post below) - - stuff like that happens. Every so often, something happens in your life that you believe is interesting enough, dramatic enough, to write a blog post about. A little story.

All of this personal drama serves to make the experience of watching old TV shows more palatable, more doable. You start to accept it: Yeah, bad stuff happens in life. Hopefully, not as often as my favorite TV show characters. I'll buy it.

And, anyway, what else I got to do? Just sitting here rockin my 40s...watchin TV shows I've already seen - - old shows you find on Netflix. Okay, I'll suspend loads and loads of disbelief. Why not. Whatever.

I've been on an X Files kick lately. At least with X Files, you know that some freaky shit is going to happen - - because that's the nature of the show.

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