Spin Out!

Last night on I-4 I spun out! It was about 1:30 am. I was driving up the on-ramp and entering the traffic flow, and suddenly, my back-end started swinging up on the left. It had just started to rain lightly. They say that when it first starts to rain, the oil and dirt on the roadway starts to flow off the road and it's really slick. So my rear-end is coming up on my left and I cut the wheel left to try to compensate. Then it just viciously swung back the other way and I tried again to steer into it. That time, though, I spun all the way around and the car stalled and I'm sitting there facing oncoming traffic. I started the car really quick and drove into the center median to get out of the way. Luckily, there was a break in traffic, and I was able to do a U-turn and get it going the right way. Luckily, there was no coppers around to witness this craziness. I'm okay, I think, but I'm kind of rattled. I don't think I was driving too fast or too reckless. It just happened. (Maybe I should slow it down a bit, but if you're not moving fast to get onto I-4, they'll drive right up your buttocks. This being near Daytona and all...they drive pretty fast here. I haven't had a driving incident since high school...back in 1923. I considered myself a pretty good driver. Just goes to show ya...somethin...or not. Right away I started trying to figure out what it meant. Was it a sign, and all that. Is there doom or chaos impending?! But,'s just a thing that happened. If anything, it's a sign to be more careful. Really: it served as a sign to me to stop looking for extra meaning in everything. Or even a sign stop questioning my recent tendency to look for greater meanings in everything. And in the typing of this, and having explained the situation pretty thoroughly, I'm seeing 'signs' that it's time to stop typing this post and wait for the next bloggable personal 'worthwhile' bloggin subject. So okay I will and done.

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hiccup said...

omg. you are lucky you didnt die...or maybe cuz ,onethirty, yeah, the traffic was not one long snake so not so much luck as fortune. maybe it meant you shlda bought a lotto ticket?
i was on that i 4 mess in orlando this weekend too. sheesh the things we do for family.