New Technique, Update, Confession

I invented a new way to clear out mental chatter and simplify your understanding of your current situation and find some stillness and peace in your present situation! Here goes:

Take whatever you are doing, and make a headline out of it. Make it the most concise, succinct and short headline you possibly can.
Man Sits at Computer Typing
Man Sits in Chair Thinking About Breathing
Man Drives Car

Even though these aren't newsy items, phrase em in the form of a headline and see how you do!

...and don't be addin shit...like...
Man Explains Idea to Friends and Worries They'll Think It's Stupid

-----------------------------------------all that and more-----------------------------------------

Today I was involved in an effort with others which could be classified with today's popular terminology: 'a friggin cluster'

I realized that everyone involved was...like...three hundred yards away, trying to hit a little square on a moving calendar with a bb gun in high wind...while high, in the back of a speeding pickup truck driven by somebody who was...high.

-----------------------------------------and no less important-----------------------------------------

I have had two balloons hovering over my desk for weeks, one from my birthday and one from my anniversary at my dungeon. I decided it was time to get rid of them. My neighbor asked if I wanted to borrow her scissors. She's the type who would stab balloons to death. I said, "Nah, instead of stabbing them to death, I'm going to set them free." On my way out, I did. I watched them for a while and thought about how cool I was for doing this....the balloons got more and more height, and a good breeze really carried them. Then, in another part of the sky, I saw a jet airliner. It was nowhere near the balloons, but I thought to myself, dammit, what if a balloon got caught in the intake of one of those jet engines, holy shit. So I'm not as cool as I initially thought. How about you?

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