Red Eyes

When they're squeezing on you from every direction, there is no direction for your guts to ooze out! Time to 'disappear' (with ironic single quotes) and let all the forces pushing in on me slam into each other, let em glimpse each other's grim faces as they collide and bloody their noses on their own hard heads...or something...this is all very dramatic and heavy, I know, but this is how the feelings feel sometimes - at 4:17 am - when the thoughts won't stop chasing and jumping up on the truck and weighing my ass end down so bad that the wheels drag on the wells. Time once again to lighten up and liven up myself. Lighter than a ghost. I mean: I will be there. I'll be there, but I won't, but I will - more so even. Is there a way where I can evaporate even more? And every so often, when the forecast calls for it, I'll rain down lightly just about everywhere in this listening area? And then I'll gather underground for about thirty thousand years and come up through a spring. As far as the cycle of life for water, it's probably better to wait it out thirty thousand years underground and come up as a spring than to keep hanging around like a fog - - but even that is stupid. With all the 'worthy' matches of wits and all the times I was wrong versus when they were wrong and everybody talking over everybody and all the other noise...the real advances aren't being made where most people think they are. And the thing is, under some filtering, everybody knows this and just about everything else too if they'd lubricate their peepers.

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