Part of me wishes I had more bloggin buddies, like before.

part of me is glad I got no bloggin buddies, becaues I just want to say what I want to say - I don't want to interact in here.

I'm way more interactive on twitter. On twitter, about half the time, I am responding to something I've seen.

On blogger, lately, anymore...ever since I opened this blog back up and started writing reams, I haven't really read other people's blogs much. Is it because I'm stuck too far up my own head? Or am I still in the process of self exploration, self discovery (nearly barfing at use of these phrases)....

Have I scared everybody off because of the crazy sickening pathetic 'woe is me' shit I was posting before I locked the blog down?

Have people lost interest in me and should I care?

I was tempted to go back and tag every recent post with tags that I think would get more 'readers' to my 'site.'

Bloggin has changed though - in relation to other social media - bloggin is awash in a flood of other types of social media.

Do people still comment on each other's blogs? ...and when they receive a comment, they go back to that commentor's blog and read and comment there? Famous famous blogs get comments, yeah, but us little league bloggers - do we care about each other anymore?

Blogger has created several different ways to 'follow' somebody. You can just go to a blog read a few words - or don't even read a few words - just hit 'follow' or 'join'

Writing about spiritual all this stuff feels wishy washy sometimes. Most of the time.

Writing about spiritual stuff is addictive.

Is spirituality for people who are too lazy to study philosophy?

Is philosophy for people who overthink everything and are afraid of their feelings?

Spirituality is a subject where it is possible to seek too much knowledge - various people in it even say so.


dan said...

this echoes a lot that I've been thinking on too. So, my apologies, been busy, have not been blogging like I used to - but blogging is not what it used to be. I actually just wrote a fat blather on pretty much this, and the history of a 12-year-old blog. Swing by and checkitout. And I'll try to check in here more often.

Lia said...

This was an interesting post to read. I started blogging a little while back and I've come to really enjoy it. Because a blog is my owl personal page, it feels less intrusive than emailing people... because I don't know if the people I want to read me are reading me, so it is like leaving a message out in the open for anyone to find it in time... whenever, wherever, and it feels amazingly satisfying to know that someone had possibly read and hear... even if they don't respond.

Sometimes I like to browse other blogs on here, in relation to tags in the profile that lists interests... a movie I like, or a favorite book, and it is fun to see what other "bloggers" shared that as their interest too.

I don't know much about Twitter or Tumblr or any other site, I'm more familiar with the google Blogger interface and I like it... it feels more like home, like a private sanctuary.

Bobby said...

Dan! Wow. 12 years. When I first saw that you visited last week or so, I was connected to blogger through a wii. That shows how far and how 'not really that far' I've come! (I've come all the way to Florida!)

Lia, It's good to see blogger still has the appeal. I've been on this one since 2002. Dan could tell you how much neglect I've shown it since then, ha.

I follow around the movie and interest tags too. Blogger's got a lot going for it really. So many ways to connect with it. They've tried to keep up with other social media brand's ways...a bit. I remember when google acquired blogger, and everybody who had blogs suddenly found their posts figuring into search results more and more. There are so many uses for it really.

Here I Am said...

I used to be one of your devoted followers. One day I came back to blogger, and your blog was locked down. I tried to get back into contact , because I think you're one of the best bloggers I have ever read. I truly enjoyed them. I am back - I forgot all of my old blogs and passwords, so I just created a new one. I probably won't blog as much - I am working through some depression or some mid-life crap or something. You probably don't remember me, it's been so long. I am glad to be able to touch base again. Sorry that I have been away, but I gave up on Blogger a while ago. Don't ask me why. It is a great place to be - so I am back to stay,