I felt compelled to write a blog post about Led Zepplin, not sure why. I guess I’m on a kick with them. I’ve always liked them, you know, but they were so…everywhere. Lately, though, I really love em. I love Led Zepplin, but I don’t like AC DC or Aerosmith. Know what I mean? I actually dislike those guys. Anway.

It’s always a great occasion when I catch Led Zepplin on the radio when I‘m driving. That black magic feel. Weird smokey mysticism. The essence of rock n roll but much much more. Hard love and a whole lot of it. Their songs, of course, used to be on the radio a lot more back in the 70s. Their music got planted into my awareness deeply deeply at a very young age. Houses of the Holy came out in 1973, and that seems to be the one I am most drawn to. 1973 is when attendance at one of their concerts (in Tampa) broke the Beatles attendance record for their showing at Shea Stadium. At that time, if I wasn’t hearing Led Zepplin blaring from my brother’s room, I was hearing it blaring out of my sister’s room. Or out of a car going by outside. It was everywhere. I was two years old when Houses of the Holy came out. That‘s the album I‘m most drawn to, as I say, I guess. The Song Remains the Same (there ain‘t nothing like it. It races. It‘s perfect. Perfect grace and pace). Over the Hills and Far Away (sweetness that hardens and gives hard love and takes you everywhere and leaves you exhausted and satisfied). That funky song on there, The Crunge. Led Zepplin music got into me early, and it never went away. It’s deep deep inside me.

The music is so familiar, but I really couldn’t go down the list and name every song on every album. I have known people who could, but for some reason, unfortunately, in my opinion, those people have mostly been douche bags. But that’s just my unfortunate experience with people. I’m not saying anything about you if you know their whole repertoire. But I think the reason is: Yes. Led Zepplin is awesome. The best rock band ever probably. No shit. I don’t need somebody telling me album, song, verse, lyric. It’s like dumping too much of a particular spice on a life blend, you know? I don’t know. I mean: I like Led Zepplin and about fifty million other bands too, old and new. I think what I don’t like, as far as people and people’s music tastes go: I don’t like people who only like Led Zepplin - and hate everything else. Or something like that.

As I’ve said in my corny way, Led Zepplin is part of my soul. But you know what? This part of my soul almost got stolen from me. There was a guy. The guy could probably play a bunch of their songs on his guitar, and I would have heard him do it if I ever cared to spend any amount of time around the guy. Anyway, Led Zepplin was his favorite I guess. He had a funny thing he’d say about listening to Led Zepplin: Gettin the Led out eh? Anyway, I’m pretty sure the guy was fuckin my wife (now exwife), so anything having anything to do with that dude made me want to fight and puke at the same time...I’d be a fightin, pukin mess, kicking, swinging, grappling, flailing; and then wallowing, you know, a real mess…if I thought about that guy too much or actually ever saw him again. That guy and people like him would try to somehow steal Led Zepplin from people like me, it seems. I mean: I don’t own a single Led Zepplin album, but I don’t need to. I will love them all my life, and they will continue. They will be on the radio. And I can stream them online anytime ever. I will be 80 years old (I hope) driving an old ass car to wherever and Led Zepplin songs will come on the radio regularly. I’m sure of it. And I’m sure I’ll nod my bald old head to it.

There is another guy. The guy has been called ‘creepy’ by somebody I know, and I didn’t disagree. He lives round here. I was taking my garbage out, and this guy was sitting in his car absolutely blaring a Led Zepplin song. I can’t remember which one. I was too busy taking the long way around. I thought a little better of the guy for that.. I thought a little better of him, but then again, I thought a little worse of people who REALLY REALLY LOVE Led Zepplin. I thought better of him because he was lost in a rock’n roll moment, hangin in the parking lot blaring Led Zepplin just because it was Led Zepplin. But, people think the guy’s a creep I guess. He does speed walk laps around the complex with no shirt on and no underwears under his little shorts and all that…and he tries to punk people with his glares, he did me like that, but I clowned him with a goofball counter glare and he broke it off. And…he also took the lady I mentioned (who I came to 'know') and her son into his car and eighty miles per hour in a forty-five zone, admitting later that he was blitzed on pain killers. He had invited her and her son to pizza. She wanted nothing to do with him after that, she says. But. He tells people he was a cop long ago (which I believe)…and now he’s a dispatcher I guess…and he tells people a story of how somebody broke into his apartment and stole all his guns (which is good I guess but who cares- times ten trillion). He was crushing, stalking, banging on the door of the lady I mentioned above and all that, and she bad mouthed him very often.

Is this what Led Zeppelinness is all about? I mean, is it about: Who ends up getting the girl... Is that what it's about? I saw an interview with Stephen Tyler on a VH1 show where they were naming the 100 best hard rock bands. (Led Zepplin was number one, to VH1.) Stephen Tyler said that he was watching Led Zeppelin with his girlfriend. By the end of the night, the girl had left Stephen Tyler and gone with Robert Plant (if I'm remembering the story correctly).

In closing, I should not associate Led Zepplin with undesirable characters. I shouldn’t characterize people as undesirable either, I guess. I’ve been that asshole. Blaring Led Zepplin while idling at America’s stoplights and in Her parking lots. Some people don’t like Led Zepplin, and I forced them to hear it just because I do like them. I should associate Led Zepplin with noble characters like my brother, though I’m not sure if they were his favorite. He liked about twenty million bands. He was fifteen when I was two when Houses of the Holy came out. He had to have liked them. But probably, it’s like it is now or any time when a band is so tremendous and people are crazy in love with them. You get fed up and you don’t want to like what everybody else likes and it takes a while for you to start to re-like them and come to love them - they have to last long enough for those stages to execute. My brother had plenty of time for that, plenty of drive time, getting the Led out.

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