More on Thoughts (ahem hah)

How many of these thoughts can I trust?

Drink water or you'll die of thirst.

Get out the way! A truck is coming.

Yes and yes.

A lot of the other thoughts: no.

What thoughts do you trust?


laura b. said...

I like Ehremann's Desiderata. I trust the beauty I see in the world. I trust in goodness. I chose to trust in simple, positive ideas that make me feel like I have a place. Very corny, I know, but it gets me through.

dotlizard said...

I'm not sure I know my thoughts well enough to trust them. Maybe I'd trust one that was telling me about a truck, but last time a truck hit me the only thought i had was "oh fuck I should have asked for help with the bicycle brakes, I am not gonna be able to stop" so that wasn't very useful at all.

Many of my thoughts are memories and they are understandably upset with me. I'm not sure what to do about them, trust seems kind of tangential to our interaction -- maybe if i trusted my self, these thoughts would arrange themselves into something less furious?

I'm going to have to go and have a think about this.

Bobby said...

Desiderata - Laura, I had to google that one. Yeah, stillness, silence - under all the mental static. Avoid loud and aggressive persons - as much as I possibly can. But then there's work, ha. Child of the universe, yeah. Corny works for me right now.

You got hit by a truck dotlizard? Shit! I was thinking about it, the two thoughts I said I trust: The truck might veer off, you can avoid thirst by drinkin lemonade not water - even those thoughts aren't trustworthy 100 percent. Trust: yep, trusting my mind less and less so that I can trust it more and motto lately (sort of).