Dating sites won't work for me. I just don't look good on paper. They gotta experience the attitude.

"I'm Bobby, and I'm indifferent."

"See how I grab my grocery items without looking up, with great concentration on pricing and quantity."

"See how I order my drinks and do a spin move without breaking my rhythm."

"See how I read the crap that I gotta read at the bookstore."

The eyes don't stray because there's too much work today.

"You're safe from all flirting, my female friends!"


laura b. said...

ha! You'd probably be surprised at what would appeal to people on a dating site. Put that up with your blog avi and wait for the responses.

Bobby said...

the dating site profile is the ultimate creative writing exercise

SmallBug said...

it seems like you have this on the brain...i have SO much to say on this topic, and i don't want to flood your comments with my analysis (nothing like taking the fun out of dating as that word), but i think you are right, but in terms of most people don't seem as good on dating websites...or they seem much much better. i think the trick is to make yourself a little less appealing online, so you can only go up when meeting in person.

you never want to have the opposite...seeing the disappointment in people's eyes is worse in person...