I made it I guess.

...all those times when I wished I could just get through ______ blah blah...(whatever it was). I remember having that thought so often, "If I can just get through this next...few days...few weeks...months. Whatever the particular stressful time span or stressful thing was: the obstacle, the trouble, the deadline, the upcoming scary event, the whatever.

I guess I got through. I'm sitting here typing about it. I'm not dead or dying. I'm not jobless or homeless. I guess I'm okay.

I don't even remember very well what any of those things were that I hoped I would get through. They are sooooo past.

Maybe I didn't get through. Maybe the damage was done. Maybe if I had gotten through whatever it was with a little more success, I'd have a 'better existence' right now. Who knows?


laura b. said...

As you know, you can't live in the past or the future. Be here now, right? If things aren't so bad, then accept that with gratitude :)

Bobby said...

Yep, the now is all there is. I'll probably give this stuff a rest at some point. I should anyway - it's just another addiction, ha.

Hollie said...

This is awesome!