I've been thinking about this song a lot lately and playing it at work. I got the album when it first came out and listened to it on a big trip.

Then She Did... by Jane's Addiction on Grooveshark


laura b. said...

Jane's Addiction keeps coming up for me. Do you know my friend @jamesostafford ? Big Jane's Addiction, and music in general, fan.

Bobby said...

nah, but I'll follow and see what's going on. Janes Addiction songs are full of big change-ups and climaxes and craziness and beauty. I think. They were tapped into the same kind of thing that Led Zeppelin was. Not that they were near as good as Led Zeppelin, but they were connected to this mysterious, black magic kind of thing - with a sliver of fearfulness about it. You know what I mean? I feel the same way about Alice in Chains. Hints of disaster all over the place, but sweetness too.