• Two people's decisions to evolve...while the decisions of the two people might be simultaneous, the decisions might take the two people in very different directions.

  • I'd unfollow myself and start over if it were possible. It sort of is. Sometimes you make abrupt turns, sometimes it's gradual.

  • I'm going with what I got here, but the limits are seeing more and more like illusions.

  • It's a mad hustle, it seems like everybody would agree with that.

  • Sometimes I'll make decisions - and even if I remember carefully deliberating - it seems like it was all just thinkin - and the decision seems to have come from elsewhere

  • I need to get back up north more...norther, anyway...I haven't really been that far north

  • My Florida consists of inside this apartment, and inside that workplace. I was going to a UU Church for a while, but... A lady at the church is a reporter, and she was covering the Zimmerman trial. I saw her on TV.

  • The trial was much talked about at work and always on the TV in the breakroom. I never had all the facts, but early on I formed a basic understanding: Wannabe tough guy shoots kid.Early on, I made a prediction: The Florida system would botch it.

    laura b. said...

    I think some limits are imaginary, based on limited vision. Some are real though...I really do think so.
    I wonder if perceiving the decisions as coming from elsewhere relieves the responsibility of having made, or at least accepted, the decision? And if it does, should it?
    Your prediction came true in the Zimmerman trial. Put they system on trial!

    Bobby said...

    Yeah, it's confusing. I accept responsibility, I mean I know it was me, but that me seems so different from 'right now' me...which, again, could be kind of a cop out. I need some consistency in this constant change.