Another List

  • I feel the need to post regularly even if I have nothing to say.

  • I feel the need to post a list.

  • I definitely feel the need to post something to push my last post further into the past and further from the top of the now. That was a doozie. Too many doozies lately.

  • Whenever I post a doozie on blogger or tweet a doozie, for some reason, I feel the need to go out and 'interact' with bloggers or twitter users who are new to me...this is dumb...I should do that when I post something...that is not like what a crazy person would say. It's a weird desperation, I guess.

  • It's not a desperate Friday night, but I did stay in... even though it feels like there's a lot of steam to blow off...

  • I can't keep it a secret from my blog nomore: More really great news on the work front. I kept the secret (sort of) for a little more than thirty-four hours.

  • Today I gave a friend a couple of longshot leads for this situation he needs to remedy. It would be awesome if one of them worked out.

  • Tonight I undertook six simultaneous text message conversations (various frequency of send/receive).

  • Right now I'm listening to a song, and it reminds me of another time I heard this song - and saw somebody do this dance, this swooping spinning dramatic dance. The apartment was a little cluttered, but it didn't matter to the dance.

  • Tonight I watched some dumb post apocalyptic show. I was pulled into it, of course, and I imagined what I would do in that situation...just like everybody does I guess: Store up lots of water, store up lots of nature bars, canned goods, flashlight, batteries, candles, tools, wire, tape, tarps, a nice big floppy hat, gun maybe, pencil paper (must record certain facts) cart, medicines, blah blah

  • I'm working on my posture lately, especially when I sit, stand, walk and lay. When upright, hold head up as though there's a hook in the top of your head towards the back that you're hanging from; allow the shoulders and arms to hang loosely down like a shirt on a hanger.

  • I realized that I have enough sharpies of enough different colors to keep one in the pocket of each shirt I they color (why was it so hard to word that).

  • One of the most hard ass people I have ever met: I'm getting along really good. No, two or three hard asses...

  • I'm having trouble wording things...this pisses off hard ass people.

  • It's been rainy lately, and again, it's great, because it's one of the only times it's appropriate to sprint through the parking lot. I jumped over a HUGE puddle, almost all the way over (splash)...I jumped high and far as shit (like the old days).

  • A person I was texting with said that they were working with drywall and plaster, and that the stuff was all over them. I imagined what it looked like.

  • I'm looking forward to tomorrow's energy drink. Too hot for coffee.

  • I'm looking forward to a long sleep.

  • Lists are the hottest new literary genre.

  • Rush back over to your blog and write a list.

  • good night


    foam said...

    1. Good morning
    2. Swooping spinning dramatic dances can be dangerous to your health.
    3. Trust me on this.
    4. Have a great weekend!

    63mago said...

    1. Lists are powerful.
    2. Computers, the web - all works with indexes, catalogues, protocolls - lists.
    3. All my life I write lists: Catalogues, inventaries - lists.
    4. Foam knows what she's talking about.

    laura b. said...

    I use lists when I have a bunch of stuff to dump out of my head. If I did a list now it would be pretty dull and all about one person.

    I don't know...seems like you FEEL crazy, but you don't appear actually crazy to me. Maybe it is how you feel that counts most though. But who am I to judge?

    Bobby said...

    Lists are the perfect medium for the scattered mind.

    Spinning dances make you dizzy!

    I work with lists, except, they're tables. Tables make things that would be lists work more effectively. If you have to change somethin, you just change it in one place. I wonder how you could use a table in a creative writing effort, hmm...

    I worry too much about seeming crazy. I saw a funny quote, or heard it on tv or something, essentially: People who are not crazy don't spend all their time trying to prove it, ha!

    JD-Maybe said...

    I love lists, you kinda remind me of rain man sometimes. I love rain man. It's the whole brilliance and insanity dichotomy. Lately, I think about how I would survive if I was homeless before I go to sleep. I purchased a mosquito net thing in case I have to sleep in a park. There is no reason for me to wonder about being homeless but I can't stop. You are not the only one with these thoughts of yours.