Crazy hours at work lately! But, I get my share of downtime. This is just one of those crunchtimes, you know. The brain plays tricks when it's exerted like this. Driving is weird. The letters and numbers are weird on the big monitors. The oddball desperation for 'some kind of a life' gets weird. My body feels fuzzy and weird. My consciousness feels fuzzy and weird. But I wake up with this crazy strength and positivity during these this morning. (Fuzzy strength? Fuzzy positivity?)

It's an experience.

Soon enough, I'lll get back to the self doubt times of slow times, and have room in my schedule for second guessing and dealing with the second guessing. Right now though, anxiety seems like a waste of time that I can actually opt out it is a setting, and I've unchecked it for now.

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laura b. said...

This will make it sound like I don't enjoy my work, and I do, but work never does that for me. I'm not trying to be weird, but mostly feeling super validated by another person does that. Ugh. I kind of hate myself right now.