Feeling gross with all the nicotine and caffeine and jangley nerves and bad food. I'm pushing myself so hard for work (hard for me anyway), that everything else is slacking.

I go in spurts with everything: smoking, bad eating, sleep deprivation... But I also get on good health kicks. All of this leads to one big question: Who cares?

I care when I care...when there's time. I'm just on a work kick lately because it feels like work is going pretty well. My life balance is a teeter totter, but I never fall off. some day I'll drop dead off of the teeter totter I guess. Most everybody does that.

I found a nice shady spot during lunch to type this post and look around at the trees and the people and stuff. Pretty soon the shade will shift because the Sun will move and this shady spot won't be shady anymore. Again, so what.


SmallBug said...

you have an odd balance between not caring and caring...i guess it is, as you said, you relationship with your life at the moment. in a way, no one really cares. everyone cares about themselves....but then there are people who care, but you might not realize they care till too late.

it always gets me how people will say wonderful things about someone, behind their back, but never to their face...isn't that the sort of thing you should always say to someone's face.

the mundaneness of the shady spot though..i like it. i like the ever-changing finality of that statement.

laura b. said...

If things didn't change, they'd always be the same ;-)

Annie said...

It all seems to ebb and flow, you know?