I got grouchy today. These women opened their car doors, clunk, into my car... so I was looking at them ...and then I worried that they thought i was looking at them in some sort of  winky kissy way. No! I have a nonflirting policy, currently, and it's important that they know this. I am preserving the order in my little awareness. I am worried about dents and scratches. I am speaking for the guy who usually keeps quiet. I'm trying to get out there in style. I am attuned to the slightest. I feel vibrations in the air with my special hairs. I might break out my skateboard and do things that way. I have been asked whether I have traveled lately and had to say no. I looked at some lady's butt. I moved data. I have weird pinching sensation under my skin. I listened to all the explanations. I had a period of supreme patience. I squirmed in my seat. I texted back and forth with my sister and made her worry. I realized that today was a bird theme.


SmallBug said...

What is with this no flirting policy of yours?
You should listen to Act II of this podcast:

laura b. said...

I had a bird themed day too. But whenever birds are involved, instead of celebrating the magic of flight, I end up thinking about the way their eyes seems scary to me.

Bobby said...

I love this American life!

We have a giant hawk stalking the parking about creepy