Once again I sat and said nothing as the conversation whirled around me. Once again I skipped the 'after party.'It's a cult, a freakin cult. Cult members got friends though. The usual failure feelings fizzed out when I froze in my underwear in the air conditioning and the drone-based ambient music. I smoked a couple cigarettes because that's the important thing. I'm the type of person who would not have died at Jonestown...but only because I failed socially, and was unable to gel with the group. So when I fled the comraderie of the leper colony, diving into the channel and swimming to the other side, a version of myself greeted me when I crawled out of the water onto land. I ignored him and walked into the jungle. There is so much complaining to do, and it's hot, it's like toil.


laura b. said...

Not every group deserves your patronage. But maybe don't shun other you. He might have something to tell you :)
Complaining is both cleansing and poisonous. Which part of it do you like the most?

Bobby said...

The cleansing should be the better part...i am being a drama queen generally though. sometimes the troubles seem so real