Sometimes when I hear the way some people talk to their people on the phone, I think: no way you'd talk to me like that. It'd be out of there.

That's some people's normal though.

Being this picky about how I let people treat me has not done wonders for my social circles.

I know there must be a balance. I haven't found it yet, and it's probably too late.

I'm all out of whack. I will overcompensate and let people pull all kinds of crazy shit on me. Or I will flee like a frightened deer at the first sign of animosity or strain.

I haven't found that middle path yet.

Or I haven't found the right people yet.

I'm like a raw nerve walking around out there.


laura b. said...

Well, also most of us have different lines for different people. There is no perfect line. They're all grey and blurred.

JD-Maybe said...

Have you ever heard of highly sensitive people? If not, look it up.