Good morning. I woke up feeling like you can only believe about a quarter of what people say to you. Maybe an eighth. I saw a Ted Talk about how lying is so engrained in our communications, that it's not about determining whether someone is lying, it's how the lie fits into your strategy for deciphering information you receive. We learn to lie as infants, the Ted Talk said (I'll try to research and find the link). Obviously we lie. We lie in business and we lie in interpersonal business. Sometimes, though, the meanings that we invent, when we see the meaning bent or ignored, it 'seems' like a lie. It's not really a lie though. blah blah blah


laura b. said...

Huh...this is getting twisted in my head. Is it about believing or not believing what you are told? Or is it about just being aware of all the gray areas that exist in every moment of our existance?

Bobby said...

Here's that Ted Talk:

It's about knowing for sure that people lie and expecting them to lie. We cooperate in lies. And we have to figure this expectation of lies into the way in which we decipher information.

Infants lie. Babies cry when there's nothing wrong. They look around to see if anybody responds...they go right back to crying.

JD-Maybe said...

that is why I am a fence walker and won't commit to a side of an issue. There is your side of the story, their side of the story and the truth. Despite my last "god" post, I always think...only god knows the truth. We will never know the truth.

Anonymous said... can See the truth as a living thing ... not as the information afloat in the mind.