• I can't think of anything bad, like truly bad, that anybody has ever done to me at the moment. Now that I've begun this statement, I am going to try to focus on the words appearing on the screen as I type them to see if I can complete this sentence without thinking of anything bad that anybody has done to me. Done, did it, success.

  • A cool cool longterm bloggin buddy from back when I blogged a lot more...and blogged a lot more crazy...popped up on twitter today and it was cool cool cool

  • Lack of sleep don't mean nothing.

  • Good moods get annoying after a while.

  • The cool weather is finally getting here, little by little, and I'll be able to emerge from the air conditioning for more than just to go back and forth to the air conditioning in my car.

  • I'll be coming out of a 'serious deadline' situation just in time for REALLY beautiful weather.

  • Shit, sorry, can't help this good mood, dammit.

  • Here's a negative thing I can mention to rescue this post from the feel good: I'm going to
    the DOCTOR Thursday. (routine stuff, though, really)

  • Here's a sad thing: People around me, who I have grown fond of: dropping out of my world.

  • "Why are you worried about being in a good mood," you may be wondering.

  • I don't know.


    laura b. said...

    Don't worry. It's only a mood. Might as well send some of that positive energy into the world while you can. You can go back to being dark and brooding soon enough :)

    foam said...

    It's okay to be in a good mood and to enjoy it. They are fleeting enough.