• I put off work items until the weekend thinking, Oh, I'll just do that over the weekend,thinking....I'll have more time because nobody will be calling and I can just go at my own pace....blah blah...but! But: You still get snagged on problems that can take a long time to figure still need breaks (more so, at home, where the distractions are infinte (and there's a pool!)), yeah: having two monitors makes seeing all I need to see much easier...I've gotten used to working and thinking in a certain way: with TWO GIGANTIC MONITORS BLOCKING OUT EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD - - SHOWING ONLY THOSE TABLES AND COLUMNS OF WONDERFUL DATA It's dorky, but this is a major shift in my way of seeing my world.

  • I had an Awkward Doctor Visit. I went in there with an assortment of concerns. And I spazzed out a little because I think one of my concerns is my stress level. Shit. I probably would have cried, if the nurse practitioner had not have ushered me out to the front desk for check out.

  • Some people have to ignore you as a part of their job. Well. That is not a part of their job, but it is essential to their job. It's essential to their timetable. A few examples of this are: 1)Wait Staff, 2)Doctor Office Receptions Staff, 3)Desktop Guys in your company....there are many examples. Maybe every job has this element.

  • I can't get cool. I have the air conditioning way down. I woke up from a nap a little while ago sweating like a pig and I underestimated the amount of lemonade I had, horribly. It is freezing inside the office, but when you step outside it is "96 degrees in the shade:

  • I have designated the following song as: "It's time to brush the cat song" ...and when this song comes on, the cat knows to come get brush, and she dances and meows with glee:

  • Change in Speak by De La Soul on Grooveshark
  • Making the most of it.
  • So much reading to do!
  • Sunday I might see live music outside...if there is not a terrifying lightning storm like the one today. I saw these amazing lightning strikes right out my window, and I was saying, "Woah!" before the thunder sound arrived at anybody's ears.
  • I have an ice pack on my eye, but I wish I had a full-body sized ice pack I could apply.

    laura b. said...

    I get the focusing aspect of working with 2 monitors for sure. One of the reasons I went into my line of work is that I never have to think about it when I'm not there, so I do have that going on.
    (Also, after acknowledging that I see them, I sometimes have to ignore people waiting when I am helping another patron.) Did the dr help you?
    I love De La Soul and that your cat does too :)

    Bobby said...

    Doctor was confusing. I'm actually going back an hour from now.

    I love the tweets you send while you're working. I can picture you there observing what you're observing.