The biting worry over work is very palpable on this Saturday morning. I had planned to wake up and get my brains going and do lots of work. I might just worry about work instead. This will free up time over the weekend for blogging and roaming. There is not enough room in my schedule to worry about work AND make a plan for the weekend. So there will be just work worry and spontaneous actions, whatever those might be. I could drive up the street this afternoon and get a little loaded and blab at whoever. I'll text everyone I can think of and see if someone in town will join me...somewhere. As the weekend progresses, the worry over work will gradually subside...until about 4pm Sunday. Then it will begin to peak again. Monday morning I will stress hard. I really am not that much of a worker. I obsess about work a lot, but I don't do all that much work.

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laura b. said...

Do you like your work? From other things you've written it seems like you do. Maybe the anxiety you get in thinking about it is just anticipation to get on with the next interesting thing.