This is what you see from my balcony. I checked before I shot this, because it would be creepy to look over and see me with my cam pointed at you...I feel a little weird posting this anyway ...even though I made sure nobody was there at first. This shoot had to be done in order to illustrate the points I intend to make in my blog post. I don't know what those points will be, but I'm overcome lately with the impulse to write blog post after blog post and show up on stranger's blogs and comment there too.

No, I think the point I started with was going to be something about my neighbors and my community. Looking at this video, I realize our balconies could remind a person of cell blocks in a if you'd ever been in prison - or seen one on TV (I fall into the latter category, I promise).

I heard the property manager showing the unit on the first floor to interested renters. This place has quite a turnover.

I've only made neighborly introductions via the the space between balconies on two occasions: One guy, George, was an EMT. He was a divorced dad who ended up renting here after the divorce went down. He apologized in advance for the noise his kids would be making on the balcony, when he had his custody on weekends. I assured him it would be fine, and I told him I was glad to meet him.

The other guy seemed a little weirded out by me saying hello to him from my balcony as he stood on his balcony. I was sitting on my balcony with my other neighbor. It was really late, and she was being goofy and loud. I'm sure the guy across could hear us and see us. She burst out laughing at some point, I don't remember why...So I said hi to the guy across the way...hoping that he wouldn't think we were over here laughing at him for some reason... I don't know why I cared or thought he would think this ...or why I thought my saying hi would alleviate the imagined situation. He just whatever.

Why am I writing all this? I don't know. But I do know that the current tenant of the third floor unit sends her dog out to the balcony to pee and sometimes poop! It is horrifying. The pee runs off the balcony and drops three floors and hits the ground there. Sometimes I hear it when it if I'm sitting inside with the door open...the sound of some kind of liquid running off and hitting the ground below... I try not to even look over there ever. Today, when I glanced over there, though, I noticed that her balcony was really clear of dog poop. It was nice. I wonder if she's moving or up the unit so she can get her deposit back. I'll conclude this blog post here. There is a lot more I could say though.


laura b. said...

It is nice that you have all those trees. Apartments, in general, can have that kind of prison feel, with elevated walkways and/or stacked balconies.
My neighbors and I mostly do the nod. Some of them are more talky with one another, but I sort of avoid that. I guess I'm just not that friendly.

Bobby said...

I probably over do it with my neighbors, they dread it, ha

JD-Maybe said...

AHHH! I would have bought them some puppy pads or something that is disgusting and unsanitary and inconsiderate! Ahhhh!