Two Items

First: Today at work, during our Friday lunch party, somebody logged on netflix and started playing Cheers episodes on The Big Monitor. It was cool, except that it threw me. Cheers has been my salvation from this job. Ever since I first started this hard ass job, when things didn't look so good, I could always come home to Cheers. Or, I could wake up in the morning with Cheers. Cheers is one of the funniest shows ever made! I have recently completed my viewing of every single one of them on netflix. In a way, I don't like that they watched my favorite show - at work -- the show I watch to take my mind off of work. Another great show was Night Court, so I found a clip with that dude from that show.

Second: I got a wrong number text. It was a south New Jersey guy, trying to reach some girl. The following is the transcript, starting with his first message. I didn't know if I knew anybody in the 609 area code, like if maybe this was somebody I knew, but forgot I knew...but it turned out to be somebody I didn't know:

HIM: Morning Sexy!
ME: Good morning! Right number? Who you trying to reach? Thanks for calling me sexy though...
HIM: Lol. Its my pleasure.. Im Derek, is this Dana?
ME: Nah, ha, sorry
HIM: Oh my apologies.. My mistake! Whats ur name?

HIM AGAIN: Hey everything happens for a reason..Are u a female?
ME: I'm a dude, dude. So tell me about this Dana. Ha. Just kidding. I am a dude though.


laura b. said...

I loved Cheers and Night Court! I can see what you mean by the weirdness of seeing Cheers at work. I guess I'd feel like that about 30 Rock maybe. I watch that as I am falling asleep a lot.
Ew! That guy is a jerk! If you were a girl or said you were a girl, he would have been fine with you not being Sexy Dana!

Bobby said...

Cheers will go down in history like I Love Lucy and Dick Van Dyke. I wish Night Court was on Netflix, and I wish my dvd player wasn't broken so I could pipe the netflix into my old ass tv.

Yeah, right? I thought about saying I was a girl, just to mess with him, but I quickly realized the horror that would bring.