Time for a list:

1) After one hundred years in that relationship with that one and only person, I forgot how to deal with other people.

2) Last night I felt as though the most crucial writing task of my life was upon me, but I went to bed.

3) I am currently waiting out a rain shower, sitting in my car, waiting to go into a store. The other people who are pulling into the parking lot are showing admirable hustle, getting out of their car and running through the rain.

4) I hope that this friend of mine forgives me.

5) My boss is making me watch videos all weekend for some new product.

6) People should slow down in parking lots. I have seen two near misses just sitting here.

7) I have talked to two editors, and they both say, at the end of the day, in their spare time, they'd rather just look at the pictures, and not dense text, least of all: run-on sentences.

8) I have to go to my new favorite place tonight. They are starting to recognize me there.


Anonymous said...

Forgiving is a hard task. Hope you'll be absolved.

Anonymous said...

Unless there is either alcohol or a hot shower waiting, it is NEVER worth it to run through the rain!

Bobby said...

I wonder if forgiving is ever a completed task...or if there's always a shadow of 'the things that were said'

Running threw the rain inevitably means getting splashed water on my butt.