Eats, sleeps, roams the streets -- Only arrested once: At age 14 or so, I was cutting through a school yard on my bike in the evening. I had a bag of candy I had just bought at 7/11. The school had been vandalized repeatedly around that time. The police were being ...'thorough' their surveillance of 'suspicious' activities in the school yard. The cop comes zooming up in his cruiser - right up on the sidewalk behind me. Blah blah, he reads me my rights. He didn't put me in the car though. He told me to get on my bike and ride home - and that he was going to follow me. I lived at the other end of the school yard, across the street. We got to my house and my dad came out. He yelled at the cop. He called downtown and yelled at somebody at the police station. He told me everything was alright and that the whole thing was stupid.